Who are the Cyber Amish?

The Fraternal Order of the Cyber Amish is a religious organization dedicated to the idea of "Simpler Living through Technology."  We believe that one can transcend today's world through the use of cyberspace and the Internet.  We also believe in the healing and redemptive properties of eating pie.

How were the Cyber Amish founded?

The Order was founded in January 1998 by Paul Brown and others at a Coco's Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona.  The founders were attending a bear event known as La Fiesta de Los Osos, sponsored by the Bears of the Old Pueblo.   While waiting in the lobby, the Doubting Lady™ appeared to Paul in a vision and asked him to form the Order.  So Paul and his troop of Pie-ists went into the dining room and had the first Pie Ceremony, a meal which has been duplicated annually ever since.

The ceremony has been performed each year since at the same location. It has grown considerably from about a dozen participants in 1998 to nearly 100 in 2002, the fifth year.

How can I join the Order?

If you've ever attended a Cyber Amish Pie Ceremony, you're a member.   You might want to send us a photo and info for us to add you to the roster.

Pie is baked, pie is eaten, pie will come again.


CyberAmish.com, updated 20 April 2002